July 2008 to March 2009

May Zoey's days at the bridge be filled with pig ears, scrambled eggs on Sunday morning, German movies,
RVing with plenty of new smells, a big sandy beach front and surrounded by people, especially little kids
In memory of Zoey Trullinger

Please keep Tuba who is going on 13 in your thoughts and prayers as these two were inseparable.

Tuba and Zoey are not spoiled, but deeply loved.

Well our boy, Tuba will be 13 years young in August.

Zoey had her birthday in October, when she turned 8 years old. 

Tuba -- made the front cover -- still waiting for that centerfold lay out!! 

June 11, 2008 
Tuba after a storm rocked and 
rolled over the farm. 


Tuba after kibbles time... 

This is what he thinks of the new camera !!!!

Many more pictures of bloodhounds.

Zoey watching TV. She was 5, she still loves TV, especially old german movies. 

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